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Our ability to deliver on our promises stems from our desire to attract and retain customers, coupled with our desire to be a leading local and regional company in our sphere of operations. From the initial goal to the realization of our current output levels, we excel in the field of producing plastic consumables and other products to meet the growing demands of our regional customer base.


Ramez develops and trains its labor force with the most advanced knowledge in the fields in which it operates. Believing that experienced human capital is key to efficient and effective performance, the company also focuses on safety among its employees as a key indicator of success.


Raw materials are sourced according to high-quality specifications. Basic materials for tissues are imported from the UAE, Turkey, and Tunisia, while raw materials for plastics are sourced from Qatar, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia. Aluminum is imported via companies from Bahrain, China, and recently Malaysia, while cardboard, paper, and dishwashing materials are provided by local companies in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, India and Pakistan.


One of Ramez Industrial Company’s key production sites was established in 2005 in the eastern area of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Mozhilah factory for cleaning products and detergents is a market-leading manufacturer of products to be sold at affordable prices.

The factory only uses raw materials according to the highest standards of health and hygiene, which leads to extremely safe finished products. The factory produces dishwashing detergents, floor detergents, and clothing cleaners. Annual production is roughly 120 metric tons of detergents.

Meanwhile, another Mozhilah factory was established in 2010 for perfumes for personal use and in air fresheners and lotions that give customers a feeling of comfort and lavish luxury. The capacity of the factory is roughly 18,000 dozen products per month for containers of capacities of 250ml and 500ml for air fresheners, 50ml and 25ml for perfumes, and 40g for incense.

Both plants use only superior raw materials according to international standards and supply the market with high-quality products to more than 38 Ramez hypermarket outlets across all GCC regions and some Arab countries. Their success is the result of a stellar reputation and, as a result, increasing demand across the region.

Ramez Factory – China
The Ramez factory for antiques, accessories, and household utensils is located in the Guangzhou area.

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